Mission Statement


The mission of Garibaldi Highlands Elementary is to provide a nurturing environment, enabling individual students to realize their full potential and acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become valued members of society.


We believe:

  • all children can learn and have the right to education
  • children learn in different ways and at different rates
  • children, parents, and teachers are partners in education
  • education focuses on the whole child


We will:

  • provide for continuous learning
  • plan developmentally appropriate experiences for children
  • support integration of children with special needs
  • give children opportunities to make thoughtful decisions about their individual goals
  • foster responsibility in children
  • encourage independent learning
  • encourage co-operative learning
  • promote mutual respect and support between children
  • respect parents, students and colleagues
  • involve our parents and community
  • practice collaboration, commitment, and creativity in our organization
  • work consistently toward professional improvement


How can we:

  • meet individual needs
  • foster respect
  • find time to share beliefs and practices
  • increase student responsibility and participation
  • assess & evaluate whether our practices are consistent with our principles
  • involve all shareholders in the decision-making process