School Improvement Plan


School Improvement Plan 2015-2016

Our Theory of Action

If the staff, students and parents at Garibaldi Highlands Elementary develop a school framework that includes:

  • the building of common language
  • structures and practices in the areas of:
    • project based learning
    • inquiry and growth mindsets
  • a collaborative approach to planning and assessing project design with students

Then, our students will be able to confidently communicate:

  • what they are learning
  • how their learning is contributing to their personal growth and to the school and larger community
  • their learning in relation to our GHE learner profile and our pathways to learning education plan.


The GHE Learner Profile is based on the development of a Growth Mindset for all members of our community.  We work together to design safe and powerful learning environments where all students can grow as:

  • Critical Thinkers
  • Confident Communicators
  • Collaborators
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Contributors
  • Compassionate members of a community
  • Learners (Literate and Numerate)
  • Global Thinkers (Growth Mindset)
  • Socially and Emotionally Mindful