Dress Code


Student dress must be appropriate for a K-7 school setting, and must not be offensive to any individual.

Logos and sayings

  • Cannot promote the use of products detrimental to the school setting, such as alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs
  • Cannot be racially offensive, contain sexual innuendoes, violence, or promote a negative attitude 


  • Must touch the top of the pants in a normal standing position
  • Cannot be see-through 
  • Must have an appropriate neckline 

Shorts and Pants

  • No shorter than mid-thigh
  • Have no revealing holes 


  • Must be worn at all times 


  • No hats to be worn indoors


  • Students in contravention of the above will be asked to change or cover-up.  Repeat offenders will be dealt with in consultation with parents.

NOTE:  This policy was initially drafted by a staff committee and then reviewed and endorsed by our Parent Advisory Council and Student Committee.