Winter Concerts at GHE

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Dear Families and Caregivers,

Our Winter Concerts begin this Tuesday!  Here is a reminder of the dates each class is performing.  Please note that there will be a performance on all three days at 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm.

To ensure the audience size meets the fire code for the gym, we remind everyone that we ask only immediate family members and grandparents to attend. We are asking that you limit those attending to 3 people per family. We appreciate your support in making sure that we have 3 fun and safe nights!

December 19th December 20th December 21st
Mrs. Griffin

Mrs. Newell

Mme Dufresne (Mme Kezakimana)

Mrs. Lovell/Heikoop

Mme Elston (Mme Benoit)

Mme Poisson

Mme Maskell

Mrs. Pettingill

Mme. Prescott

Mme. Hardjono

Mrs. Harwood

Ms. Hartviksen

Mme. Jacobs

Mme. Moore

Mrs. Barlas

Mrs. Mah

Mme. Iredale

Mr. Matheson

Mr. Parsloe

Mrs. Parsloe

Mrs. Bowden

Mr. Lum

We are looking forward to seeing the children perform this week!


Mme B