GHE October 2-6

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Families and Caregivers,

The week leading up to Thanksgiving has been full of excitement and learning. Students in Mrs. Parsloe’s class worked in teams to make delicious cranberry bread and Mrs. Pettingill’s class made a beautiful apple crumble with apples from our Fruit and vegetable program. If you have a chance to visit our school, make sure you check out how students in Mrs. Bowden and Mrs. Babuin’s class have changed Fixed Mindsets to Growth Mindsets. Our week wrapped up with many fun crafts and activities including a Thanksgiving Flash Mob performed by Mrs. Kindree and Mrs. Heikoop’s students.

A special THANK YOU to all the parent organizers and student volunteers who helped run the first hot lunch of the year.

As mentioned on Monday, we kept our forest closed for the week after the cougar sighting in the Garibaldi Highlands area. There were no new alerts posted by Wildsafe BC or sightings so we will reopen our forest Tuesday, October 10th (unless we receive another alert). If you have a chance, I encourage you to visit the Wildsfe BC website for great resources and tips.


Upcoming events and information:

  • The Squamish Fire Department will be visiting Kindergarten classes on October 10th
  • The next x-country meet is October 12th in Whistler


I hope you have a relaxing long weekend with family and friends.


Mme B