Farewell, Mr. Lorette!

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Today is Mr. Lorette’s last day as Principal at GHE.  We had a school assembly to say good bye and good luck!.

Below is what some of our grade 6 students had to say and there are also some photos attached.

Thank you to Mr. Gordon’s class for organizing this assembly and to the classes that performed!

Farewell Mr. Lorette we wish you the very best!


Farewell, Mr. Lorette

May 5th, 2017

Mia – Can everyone please stand QUIETLY for the signing of O’Canada in both English & French.


Mia – First we would like to start off by thanking all of you for being here today we would also like to acknowledge that we are on the Sko-ho-mish Nation territory and are very lucky to be in such a beautiful place.

Lauren – Before we get to Mr. Lorette, we would like to acknowledge students achievement. Recently many students entered the Carney’s Waste Poster Contest, and we now have the names of the winners. Can the following students please come to the front when your name is called.

(names called and prizes given)

Lauren – Mr.Lorette, even though you have only been at our school for three years you have still made such a big impact on all of our lives. You have seen three years of kids come and go and I know that we will cherish this memory until you go. This day is very emotional I know but don’t worry there with still be visits even when it snows. You made kids smile even when they were down. You always worked for a cause never for applause, live life to express not to impress. And I think I am speaking for all of us when I say good luck on your new job, Mr. Lorette.

Mia – As we all know today is Mr. Lorette’s last day as GHE’s principal that he has been for three years. Now he is going to another job as director of instruction and we know he will be an amazing one too. We want you to know that all of us will miss you so much parents, students, staff, and especially Mr.Gordon. Our school was lucky when we got you as a principal because you are kind, fun and thoughtful. Now I have been here since kindergarten and I have seen principals come and go before but you are my last principal at this school and you were an awesome one to end with.

Samara – I have also been here since kindergarten and I have realized that this school is unique and it takes someone as unique as you to run it. Mr.Lorette is one of those individuals, he is a hard worker and dedicated to making our school a better place. You were the perfect fit for our school but we also know you will be the perfect fit for your new job. We will miss you.

Evelyn – As some of you may know Mr. Lorette is a very good guitar player and drummer. Some of you may have seen him in a talent show or at a Christmas concert, and you can agree how good he is. We like how much you’re dedicated to your job and put all your hard work into making our school a better place. We are happy to have a principal that loves his job as much as you do. We just really want you to know how much we are going to miss you and we are proud of the job you have gotten and you totally deserve it.

Evelyn – the grade 6s

Samara – are graduating

Lauren – this year and

Mia – you are too!

All – This is for you Mr. Lorette (give him the Grad 2017 sweatshirt)


Evelyn– Now here is Mrs. Grantham, Mrs. Bowden/Babuin’s class, and Mrs. Lowe/Minkus’ class with a song just for you…


Samara – Thank you very much Mrs. Grantham. Here is Mr. Gordon with a few last words.

Mr. Gordon – Thank you and introduce PAC Chair, Arndrea Scott

Arndrea Scott – (Thank you and gift for Mr. Lorette)

Mr. Lorette – (Thank you speech)