April, 2015

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April is shaping up to be a busy Month at our school.  This month, on April 22, come and join us for our annual Art Show.  Our gymnasium will become an art gallery from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  This annual event is a great opportunity to show of the wonderful artistic talents of our students.

Mrs. Galley’s class is transforming the Mike Weeks Trail into a wheelchair accessible trail to better reflect the inclusive nature of our school.  We are excited about this project.  The date has been changed to Monday, April 20.

As you may have read in a recent newsletter, our school is planning to build a Maker Space for September of 2015.  This will be a space where students can tinker with materials, simple electronics, robotics, etc and create and innovate.  Maker spaces in schools is a relatively new concept and I am attaching a couple of videos for you to get an idea of what they are all about.

Finally, an IB update for you.  I will be sending out an information package about the IB program to all parents and there will be an online survey using survey monkey to provide all parents an opportunity to give us some feedback.  We have also organized a tour of a public IB school in West Vancouver and will be able to take about 6 parents from our School planning council and PAC.  Our next information evening will be scheduled soon and we plan to have the parents who attend the tour, provide a description of the visit at the presentation.

Maker Space Videos: